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Dieticians and medical staff, we created the site BMI-IMC following the questions of many patients in consultation: Do you think that I am overweight? What is the BMI for a woman? What is the BMI for a man?

In addition to giving you access to an online tool to calculate your BMI for free, we wanted to build an educational and entertaining site to help you better understand your body and improve your health with tips and advice from health professionals.

Calculate my BMI
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How to calculate my BMI?

Beyond the body mass index (BMI), which assesses the health risks associated with being thin or overweight, other indices offer a more personalized result depending on your gender, body type or frame.

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Certain stages of life can disrupt our eating behavior and cause imbalances that gradually lead to overweight, or obesity. One wonders then where these extra kilos come from and how did they get there. BMI-IMC decrypts the mechanisms of weight gain to enable you to permanently eliminate your extra pounds.

Why do we gain weight?

Calculate your BMI

Use our online calculator to check your body mass index (BMI) and find out if you have a healthy weight.