Does guarana help with weight loss?

Losing weight is a challenge for some people! To achieve one's ideal weight, determination, motivation and will are the watchwords. However, we do not all want to impose a drastic diet or force us to run 1 hour every night after work.

April 7, 2019

Fortunately, to avoid this, natural foods exist. Associate with a healthy diet and a regular sports activity, these natural foods will give you the necessary boost to lose weight effectively and sustainably.

Among these natural foods, also known as fat burners, is guarana. In this article, we will reveal the origin and the virtues of this famous food. We will also answer the question you ask yourself: "does guarana make you lose weight? "

What is guarana?

Guarana, also known as Paullinia Cupana, is a fruit native to the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. It is a shrub of the Sapindaceae family native to the Brazilian Amazon.

What is its origin?

The name of the vine from Guarani, from Ameriens of the Amazon. He guaranáedly served as a divers, he fought his faithfulness, fought against fatigue and controlled the appetite, most notably the long-standing expéditions in forêt. The grains are hot and lightly reduced in a saucepan that makes them dry in a saucepan. I'm waiting for you to stay at the sun. In addition to serving the confection of a boisson stimulant, the extravagant has received the reputation of having aphrodisiac, diuretic and analgesic vertus. Where I was told it would have been possible to prevent malaria and dysentery. The guarana is used frequently as a medicinal plant in the South American countries.

It was in the eighteenth century that Europeans discovered it on the occasion of the conquest of the Americas. The plant then takes its scientific name "Paullinia cupana" from the name of the German botanist Dr. FC Paullini who discovered it then made known in Europe. It is in the form of energy drink that it knows its hour of glory in Europe but it is also found in different forms more effective and concentrated as capsules and tablets.

Because of its high content of caffeine and its nutrients, guarana is plebiscite by the pharmaceutical and agri-food industry. It is used in energy drinks and is marketed as a supplement for weight loss. Caffeine is also often the main active ingredient in weight loss products. It is also traditionally used in herbal medicine to improve alertness and cognitive performance (mental) as well as to combat fatigue and relieve headache.

Appearance and composition of guarana

Guarana is a small climbing shrub. It develops like a liana, curling around trees and bushes. It gives birth to red-orange fruits. When mature, the fruits of guarana open and reveal white flesh and black seeds.

Once harvested, the fruits of guarana are shelled to recover the seeds. These are then reduced to powder. It is this guarana powder that is used as a food additive and dietary supplement. Because of its tart taste, this powder is often preferred in the form of capsules. These also have the advantage of preserving the quality of guarana's active ingredients, including caffeine.

The chemical composition of guarana is characterized by the presence of methylxanthine alkaloids such as caffeine, theophylline and theobromine, as well as terpenes, saponins and flavonoids. It contains high concentrations of caffeine (4 to 6%) and tannins (12%) and, in smaller amounts, xanthines: theophylline and theobromine. The stimulating effects on the nervous and cardiovascular system are due to the content of caffeine, tannins and saponins.

What guarana to buy?

Guarana is grown in two ways in Brazil. On the one hand, there are local producers who grow wild-sourced guarana using an organic approach. On the other hand, there are large plantations that cultivate hybrid strains intensively and conventionally (in this case, guarana has fewer active ingredients), mainly in the states of Mato Grosso and Bahia.

The industrial roasting of guarana is done at very high temperatures in large iron ovens. This process oxidizes the seeds and imbalances the chemical composition of the seed. This imbalance results in a decrease of the positive properties of the seed in favor of its simple content of guaranine.

Cultivated and traditionally dried, wild-sourced guarana retains all its benefits and properties. This method avoids roasting and reduces the excess of tannins and saponin contained in the seed. It guarantees a method of organic preparation (no phytosanitary treatment products of chemical origin, no addition of synthetic product harmful to health) which makes that one has a product 100% pure and natural.

You'll understand, we recommend buying organic guarana to enjoy all the benefits of guarana. You will even have the advantage of avoiding pesticides and their harmful effects on your health.

Organic guarana comes in many forms:

  • in powder,
  • in capsule,
  • in tablet
  • in seed.

We recommend that you opt for the tablets. They are much easier to use. They come in the right dosage and greatly facilitate the daily intake of guarana. Another commercial form is powder. It allows consumers to use it in many ways and to incorporate it into blends and other recipes. On the other hand, in the context of this type of use, great attention must be paid to the dosage of guarana. If you want to benefit the best guarana ingredients, we recommend you buy guarana in seed. But beware of its harsh taste, it might discourage you.

Where to buy guarana?

You can buy guarana at specialty organic stores, pharmacies or on-line sales sites.

We recommend buying guarana on the internet. It will be much cheaper than in an organic store or pharmacy. To be sure to buy good quality guarana, make sure that it is sourced and fair. The best guarana generally come from organic and fair trade. If it is guarana powder or capsules, be sure to check its composition. Also check the opinions on the product. This can give you a clue to the quality of guarana.

The benefits of guarana

With a dose of caffeine up to three times higher than that of a coffee bean, the guarana fruit has an incredible stimulating power. It helps fight against fatigue and increase alertness. But these are not the only benefits!

Stimulating and anti-fatigue properties

Guarana has a powerful stimulating effect because of its high caffeine content. Like coffee, guarana has a stimulating effect on the body and the nervous system, which helps to ward off fatigue. However, guarana and coffee do not work the same way. Indeed, coffee can wake our mind about thirty minutes after drinking a cup, but this peak of energy lasts only a short time. For its part, guarana gives us energy for several hours. This is because it contains tannins, which allow caffeine to be absorbed more slowly. As a result, its stimulating action lasts longer, but it is also more effective. Guarana can be used to fight a temporary tiredness, but also to delay the time to go to sleep. Finally, in addition to fighting drowsiness and falling asleep, guarana also helps to be more vigilant and stay in shape during the day. It is therefore effective against both physical fatigue and mental fatigue.

Slimming virtues

Used as a base in many "fat burners", guarana works through a molecule called thermobromine to speed up the burning of fat. By increasing energy expenditure, guarana can also burn calories more easily. Finally, guarana also acts as a natural appetite suppressant. These faculties allow him to be an excellent companion in a diet or to lose weight.

Improved sports performance

The sporting world has long been conquered by guarana as a natural supplement, whether in the form of energy drinks or in the form of food supplements. Amino acids and the various forms of sugars found in these drinks fuel athletes' muscles that can push their body out of their natural limits. Endurance and morale are improved, while a contribution of minerals (zinc, magnesium ...) helps the quick recovery between sessions. Physical and psychological stress, as well as lactic acid are quickly evacuated, allowing athletes to be more enduring and stronger. All of this results in more sessions and faster progression.

Improved memory and concentration

Given its use as a natural tonic, guarana has been the subject of several studies to improve cognitive performance. Researchers have noted an increase in attention during Guarana supplementation. In combination with other dietary supplements, this has also revealed other beneficial effects: • In combination with a multivitamin complex rich in minerals, guarana has increased speed and accuracy. The researchers also found a decrease in mental fatigue related to performing a task. • In combination with ginseng, guarana has contributed to an increase in the speed of memorization.

Protective effects

Some researchers attribute protective effects to guarana. The activity of certain guarana active ingredients helps fight cell aging and counteract certain harmful metabolic processes. • Cardioprotective effect: Moderate guarana use appears to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. This can be explained by its action on the metabolism of lipids. The researchers found that people consuming guarana had lower levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) oxidation. However, this phenomenon is known to cause the development of atherosclerosis. This cardioprotective effect could also be enhanced by the antioxidant activity of polyphenols. • Anti-aging effect: Guarana contains polyphenols, known for their antioxidant power. These molecules help fight the damage caused by free radicals, involved in the early aging of the body.

Rising Libido

Guarana can be used in combination with Red Ginseng if you are looking to improve your sexual well being and your erection and bring energy to your life as a couple. In Brazil, many people also use it to boost their libido and fend off their moral fatigue.

The disadvantages of guarana

The side effects of guarana are generally the same as those of caffeine: sleep disorders, anxiety, agitation, fast heart rate. Long-term use leads to tolerance and dependence. High doses may increase the risk of heart palpitations and arrhythmias as well as hypertension. Overdose can cause seizures. People who suffer from high blood pressure, anxiety disorders, insomnia, heart problems, liver and kidney problems, diabetes should consult a doctor before taking guarana.

Caffeine and guarana can also interact with various medications. They should not be used with other stimulants, be they drugs, supplements or drugs. The use of guarana is also not recommended for pregnant women, nursing mothers and children.

Use and dosage of guarana

The consumption of guarana must be adapted to your body, according to its tolerance to caffeine. To avoid an overdose, it is recommended to take the minimum doses prescribed and to increase them gradually. In Brazil, it is common to consume 4 to 8 g of guarama powder daily, diluted in a glass of water or a fruit juice.

The recommended maximum caffeine dosages are 400 to 450 mg for adults. Guarana is an exciting, it is recommended to consume it before 16 hours.

If you want to use guarana to increase your sports performance. One to two hours before training, take 2 to 5 g of guarana powder. Limit yourself to two or three times a week to avoid addiction.

If you consume guarana to reduce your fatigue and / or lose weight. Take 1 or 2 g of guarana powder a day, before meals, for four to six weeks.

For a stimulating effect, fight against temporary tiredness, increase intellectual attention, reduce blood pressure or headaches, take 450 to 500 mg of powder diluted in water or fruit juice.

Is guarana effective for weight loss?

Guarana is a plant with many virtues that can help you lose your extra pounds thanks to theophylline and theobromine that reduces appetite and promotes satiety. On the other hand, despite its appetite suppressant and fat-burning effect, guarana can not act alone. Indeed, if you decide to take this plant without following a good lifestyle, its effects on the body will be minimal or absent.

To lose weight with guarana, it is important to follow a healthy lifestyle combining a balanced diet and practice a sport on a regular basis.

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